We believe in smart workspaces

A productive, environmentally friendly and efficient working environment with iotspot®


Higher availability at lower cost

Unoccupied and hidden workspaces are made visible with iotspot®

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iotspot® usage data confirms that offices adopt a safety margin of approximately 35%. Nuisances like "can I sit here or not" and "where is a free desk" are avoided that way. This comes at a significant annual cost.

With iotspot®, real-time insight about workplaces (what, where and when) is provided 24 hours a day. Doubt, part-time usage, overcapacity and inappropriate workplace layout is history. A more accessible and hospitable office is achievable at a lower cost.


Hospitable, with certainty of a workplace 

With iotspot®, you can be certain of finding a workplace and your colleagues easily.

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iotspot® shows, on location and in the app, with a color ring if workplaces are free, reserved or occupied. In addition, you can search your colleagues on the app. With the information on the dashboard you can tailor the availability of workplaces to the actual demand. That way, Activity Based Working environment matches the requirements and makes colleagues visible.

iotspot® makes co-working, flexible working or activity based working possible. Real time booking of meeting rooms can be done directly without the need to go through reception. The optional indoor navigation guides you to you booked space. With WhatsApp you can share a workplace for co-working and for a "do not disturb" presence you can go incognito.


Share office space, assign and charge utilisation 

With iotspot®, you can share your workspace and charge for office usage.

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We anticipate that everyone in the near future can and is willing to work, create or learn wherever suits them. We strive to show this flexibility in the real estate propositions and eliminate current frictions. Our Smart Workspace service with 'office sharing' and 'charge-per-usage' contributes to that.

iotspot® shows and authorises availability across office locations, within and between organisations. This way, the commute and the use of facilities, office space and materials can be reduced. With 'office sharing' and 'utilisation charging', iotspot facilitates the reduction of environmental pressure.


A 'smart' workspace: Plug & Play 

iotspot® delivers a 'smart work environment' without requiring access to company IT. We only need power.

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Unlike other occupancy solutions, iotspot is independent of the IT infrastructure. After placement, iotspot® only requires USB power to make the workspace available in the App. The foundation for your 'smart building' is created.

Subsequently, the office layout must be defined in the 'installation wizard'. After defining location, floors, zones and workplace types, it is then only a matter of inviting users, having them registered and you can get started. Usage information is displayed in dashboards. Routing or indoor navigation is optional.


Interested? Request a demo! 

Test iotspot yourself by downloading the App or request a demo from one of our locations in the UK, Netherlands or Belgium.