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One solution for meeting rooms and workstations

With iotspot®, everyone can find and book the right meeting room or workstation!


Other applications to reserve meeting rooms do exist. However, using them is often a disappointing experience: Firstly, the availability is not well regulated. Secondly, because it is a stand-alone and separate solution.

iotspot ® is a solution for both meeting rooms and workstations; book on site or reserve in advance. Availability is real-time and efficient, as reservations are canceled in the event of no-show.


One swipe and it's yours

Green is free. Take a seat without hesitation. Within one swipe the workspace is yours!

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Check availability in the App from home

The anxiety of searching for a desk every morning is gone. You can now reserve or book your space from home!

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Check availability at reception

Availability of desks and rooms at a glance. Pre-defined or custom.

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Or check per floor using a map view

Real-time availability status in a map view, including guidance to a free desk of your choice.